There are times when one may be uncertain about the extent to which they would benefit from psychotherapy or what type of service or approach may be most beneficial to them given their presenting needs. In these cases, it is often helpful to talk to someone on a short-term basis who can help provide information and perspective about various options. Dr. Lewis is available to consult with such individuals in order to clarify answers to questions about mental health services and types of treatment approaches. Furthermore, she deeply enjoys the opportunity to collaborate and consult with other mental health, healthcare, and social service professionals.


With wide experience as a consulting psychologist for schools, Dr. Lewis especially enjoys working with school personnel, students, and families to promote healthy and supportive school environments. Examples of such consulting activities include providing professional development workshops for teachers and administrators, offering parent education on topics related to child and adolescent development and mental health, and working with schools to support individual students. Drawing on her teaching experience, Dr. Lewis can also craft customized lesson-plans and lead classroom-based activities on specific topics like bullying, conflict resolution, social skills, and emotional intelligence.

If you have additional questions about the consultation services that Dr. Lewis provides, please feel free to contact her at (443) 249-3162.